Messages to Anne in Mellatz/Goettingen, Germany


Thursday, July 28, 2022

Please read the message of July 15, 2018!


July 15, 2018, Eighth Sunday after Pentecost. The Heavenly Father speaks into the computer through His willing obedient and humble instrument and daughter Anne at 5:00 pm.

In the name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Amen.

I, the Heavenly Father speak now and today through My willing obedient and humble instrument and daughter Anne, who is completely in My will and repeats only the words that come from Me.

Beloved little multitude, beloved followship and beloved pilgrims and believers from near and far. Also today I have important messages to transmit to you.

In this fearful time I do not want to leave you alone. You, My beloved ones, are being led deeper and deeper into confusion. You do not realize, My beloved ones, that you are being presented with the belief of the lie by all means. Full of deception and cunning, the evil one is now working in the souls that are fickle.

My beloved ones, the Catholic faith is the faith that My Son Jesus Christ Himself instituted. It is the faith of revelation. Why do you not believe Me, My beloved ones? Have I not chosen My apostles and sent them throughout the world to spread the true faith?

And what about the spreading today? Are the people who believe still willing today to bear witness to their faith? Would they still confess today: There is only this One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Faith and I bear witness to it. I will not be led astray and confused, for I believe firmly and will not be led astray.

My beloved, this faith has now split, that is, some believe quite firmly and others have turned to Protestantism. The authorities have destroyed the Catholic Church.

This is the greatest crisis that this One and Holy Catholic Church has ever faced. The consequences cannot be foreseen. A deep rift has penetrated and no one can free people from this delusion.

Unfortunately, the priests are not willing to teach the true faith even today. They have chosen mammon. Where mammon is lived, there is no place for faith.

How about it, My beloved ones, how about your perseverance? Are you still willing to continue to take upon yourselves the struggle for the true faith? Your Heavenly Mother will accompany you on this path. She will not stop loving you and guiding you as well.

But unfortunately, confusion takes over and people seek shelter and assistance in other religions, they practically stray and no one can convince them that they are following the false prophets.

How much information have I given to all of you? You have not taken My words seriously and have given yourselves to other idolaters to seek protection there. Now you are experiencing the rejection and hatred taught by the other religions.

The Catholic faith teaches love and it goes as far as loving the enemy. The loving God cannot have a greater love than that He gave His Son even for His enemies. Faith without love is not faith.

If you practice this faith, you will have a life of contentment on earth, whereas in other religions you will be miserable.

My beloved children, do you not feel that in today's faithless times people can no longer have any feeling for each other? They know only their own concerns and love for one another falls by the wayside.

You can find this true faith only in Jesus Christ alone. He is the God of Love and wants to lead all people to eternal salvation.

Be trusting, My beloved ones, and do not pay attention to your own desires, for Heaven's plans are often quite different. They are more foresighted and coupled with Divine Love.

If you follow the wishes of your Heavenly Father, you are on the right and proper track.

My beloved father children, I give you a special advice today. Willingly take up your cross, which weighs heavily on your shoulders in this last epoch of your present time. Do not complain if it is incomprehensible to you, but accept it gratefully for the sake of Heaven. Then nothing can happen to you. I myself am with you all the days.

If you hand over your plans to Me, I can direct everything into the right channels and you are protected from the confusions of misbelief.

You are sinful people and daily depend on your moods. You always make mistakes again in your life. But if you entrust your lives to Me, you will not be disappointed. Be completely Mine, My beloved Father and Marian children. I will not disappoint you.

Life offers many surprises. You are not protected from them. The evil one lurks for you with cunning.

Be careful of your dealings. If you have contact with unbelieving people, be vigilant, for they may inspire you to do deeds that need not be of the good spirit. Therefore, be vigilant and not fickle. The wiles of evil are mighty and you do not even feel it.

Beware of false prophets who surround you in sheep's clothing and try to beguile you with sweet words. People who praise you can bring you down.

Rather, put up with the inconvenience and surround yourselves only with people who have firmness in faith.

Do not remain silent when it comes to the truth. In true faith is the truth and this has a thousand enemies. Often people do not want to hear the truth and therefore turn away from you. Then pray for these people so that they may come to the true knowledge. Do not hold anything against them, but forgive them. This can lead them and you to salvation.

My children, this and much more I would have to say to you, but you would not understand, because the currents of this time are so misleading that they can lead you to dishonesty. I, your loving Father, want to save you from everything, because I am concerned about your eternal salvation.

My time has come My beloved ones, when I separate the wheat from the chaff. Many will not meet the requirements and will persecute you. Take this persecution upon yourselves for the sake of Heaven. You will achieve victory with your dearest Mother.

But still I say to you: Hold out in this last time and continue to be patient. A little while longer and you will be rewarded with the crown of victory. You are My beloved and chosen ones, whom I will not leave alone.

I bless you with your dearest Mother and Queen of Victory and all the angels and saints in the Trinity in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. Amen.


Be prepared for the final battle. That is how you will win the victorious crown of love. You are the beloved of your Heavenly Father.