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Sunday, September 17, 2023

Apparition and Message of Our Lady Queen and Messenger of Peace and Saint Robert on September 9, 2023

Put My Messages First, Put My Apparition Here First






(Marcos): "Yes, my Most Holy Queen, I'm very happy. Finally, now all the injustice done in the world against the Lady at the Apparition of La Salette and also against Maximino and Melania will be repaired.

I am happy because I was an instrument used by Your Immaculate Heart to make this worthy reparation to La Salette and to Your seers at this time, showing all the truth, showing all the glory, all the sublimity of Your Apparition at La Salette.

And so, finally, the spirits, the souls will be illuminated with the light of the truth of the Mountain of La Salette and will finally decide for the Lady, they will decide to be the very loving souls that You came there and here to seek. I'm happy!

Yes... Yes... Yes, I will. I will..."

(Most Holy Mary): "My beloved children, I come today from Heaven to give you My Message through My chosen and elected servant.

I am the Queen and Messenger of Peace, I am the Queen of the Rosary, I am the Lady of La Salette, I am the Lachrymose and Sorrowful Mother who suffers for what is coming for you in the future.

I am Mother, I am the Queen of Heaven and Earth, I was taken up to Heaven in body and soul and in Heaven I was crowned. But there I continued to be the Mother, the Mother of all My children, the Mother who continues to fulfill the mission she received from the dying Jesus on Calvary: to be the Mother of all men, of all the children that Jesus gave Me.

I am a Mother, and a mother does everything for her children, that's why: I appear, I cry, I give signs to call My children back to My Heart, to the path of love, of prayer, of grace, of conversion, the only right path that will lead them to God.

So, My children, listen to My voice while there is still time, because humanity has remained hardened all these years, obstinate in its sins, despising the messages I gave at La Salette, at Lourdes, in Paris, at Fatima, in all My Apparitions until I arrived here. The Father's Justice will send a great Chastisement to all of humanity if they do not repent.

A father never takes pleasure in punishing his child; punishment is the last resort to try to bring him back to his senses and to wake him up from his madness, from the sleep of death where he lies in his vices.

The Father has never wielded the sword of punishment willingly, it has always been with tears in his eyes. But if humanity continues to harden itself by committing crime upon crime and sin upon sin, there will be no other way out.

That's why I appeared at La Salette to ask the most loving souls to rise up from everywhere, to form a court of loving victim souls together with Me, who with their lives full of prayer, obedience and love for the Father would counterbalance the weight of sinners' sins and offenses. In order to appease the Father's wrath and obtain mercy.

Only when there are a large number of loving souls will the Father's justice be appeased, and then the punishments will decrease. Otherwise, epidemics, tsunamis, earthquakes, floods, plagues, new and incurable diseases will continue to come.

Therefore, children, know how to read the signs of the times in which you are living and convert quickly because the time of mercy will not last forever.

Once again I repeat: Thanks to My coming here and thanks to the yes that My little son Marcos gave Me in 1991, the world was freed from a great misfortune, from a great war in 1992 that would have put an end to all of humanity.

Thanks to the yes, to the life that My son Marcos sacrificed to the Father for the salvation of all, thanks to that yes, the world was spared. You have had more life, more time to convert, to return to God along the path that I teach in My messages: which is that of prayer, conversion, penance, love of God.

Yes, My beloved children, you were far from prayer, far from Me, far from God. And if death had surprised you in that situation, Hell would have been certain for you.

So that you wouldn't end up there, I asked My little son Marcos to say yes, I asked him to sacrifice his life, to offer his life as a sacrifice pleasing to God, in order to obtain from the Father more time and more mercy for you, who only thought about worldly things, your personal and selfish interests and pleasures, and didn't think about God at any time.

That's why you owe the mercy you received to the yes of My little son Marcos. Just as God sent the Angel Gabriel to ask for My consent for the Word to be Incarnate and to redeem the whole human race, I also asked for the yes of My little son Marcos so that the door of mercy would be opened for you, the War would be removed and all the graces would be given to you with more time, more life to convert.

And just as the Father asked for My consent through the Angel so that all of humanity would be obliged to thank Me and love Me for their redemption. In the same way, I asked for My little son Marcos's yes, so that this whole generation would be obliged to thank him for his mercy, forgiveness and the extension of the time of mercy, which has helped everyone and given them more time to convert and sanctify themselves.

I say this so that you understand the greatness of My Apparition here, putting My messages first, because this is what saved everyone in the 1990s and gave everyone more time and more mercy.

Put My messages first, put My Apparition here first. And so, My children, you will give the Father, My son Jesus and also Me the gratitude due for so many benefits received from Me thanks to My coming here.

I want the court of the most loving souls to form, together with My little son Marcos, the army of love, of souls who tire themselves out for Me, who work for Me, who take My word to all My children for Me. And these souls are ready, like My little son Marcos, to sacrifice their lives day after day: in renunciation, in self-denial, in obedience, in docility, in love for God's will.

In order to repair so much pride, so much stubbornness, so much self-sufficiency, so much self-independence in human beings, in this generation which is certainly the most prideful, stubborn and self-sufficient generation that has ever existed.

So, with docility, humility, submission and love for the Father, the sin of pride will finally be repaired, the Father's justice will be appeased and mercy will be poured out on Earth.

I want the most loving souls to do everything for love, to live only from love and all day long, even in the midst of work, the obligations of one's state to be an unceasing act of love, not just repeating acts of love. But inwardly, be ready to love God by doing everything with love, everything for love, everything for love.

Only with My Flame of Love can you be these most loving souls, so seek My Flame of Love, desire it, receive it in your hearts: through prayer with the heart, through prayer of intimacy, through the exercise of dying to self every day, seeking only to please God and Me in all things.

If you do this, then you will truly receive My Flame of Love and it will give you the power to do everything, everything for love, everything in love, everything to love. And then, finally, the world will burn with the Flame of Love of My Immaculate Heart.

Pray My Rosary every day. So that you can be the most loving souls that I came to look for in La Salette and also here, and finally, the world will be saved in love, for love.

I would like you to pray My Rosary meditated no. 360 three times and also to pray the Rosary of Mercy meditated no. 109 twice for the conversion of sinners.

My little son Carlos Tadeu, your vocation is to be a most loving soul. To do this, you must open your heart ever wider to My Flame of Love, so that I can truly set it ablaze, just as metal thrown into a furnace burns until it melts and takes on the new form for which it is destined. And so fulfill your function and the role for which you were created, to which you were called.

Yes, just like the son I gave you, you must be a very loving soul, or one of the souls that has loved God the most since the origins of the world. So let yourself be even more: modeled by Me, formed by Me, carried by Me, educated by Me, living for Me and in Me.

Unite yourself ever more closely to the son I have given you so that you can assimilate the Flame of Love that he possesses, so that you too can become the most loving soul like him, to finally give all the satisfaction and glory that is due to the Lord and that He expects from His children and that He came here to seek.

Just as metal placed in a furnace receives heat from the furnace and burns. In the same way, the closer and more united you are to the child I have given you, the more you will receive from him the Flame of Love of My Immaculate Heart and you will become a most loving soul.

I am happy with the cenacles you have been doing, but I am especially happy with your meditations, your private prayers and above all with the efforts you are making to truly expand your heart even more and receive My Flame of Love. Keep going and I will soon give you new graces.

And don't worry about any problems, because you are here in the palm of My hands, and I, My son, will always keep you, love you and protect you.

Yes, in the palm of My hands your name is engraved, your life is resting. And so your life is always before Me, I will not leave you and I will never forsake you. Even if everyone abandoned you, I, I would never leave you.

Mama wants you now to pray the acts of love that I have given you on the Rosary beads, so that your heart can expand quickly and rapidly to receive more of My Flame of Love and become a most loving soul.

Your sacrifice, your effort to come here has saved 5,000 souls and removed 342 thorns from My Heart. I will speak to you again tomorrow.

Always meditate on the sacrifices that My little son Marcos made for you to free you from all suffering, from all pain and to achieve graces and miracles for you.

Look at the many thousands of hours of pain he has suffered for you so far, more than 17,000 hours, pain that has even caused him to bleed several times. And see if you could be more loved by anyone than you were and have been by My little son Marcos, who loved you not with words, but with blood, pain and tears.

In this way, you will also understand the immense love that I, your Heavenly Mother, have for you, because if the love of the son I gave you is so great for you, how much greater will Mine not be!

So, My child, rejoice and move forward in peace on the path I have marked out for you.

I bless you and all My beloved little children: from Pontmain, La Salette and Jacareí."

(St. Robert): "My beloved brothers, I, Robert, servant of the Mother of God, come today to tell you: I love you! I take care of you and protect you at all times. Do not fear any evil, always trust in the power of prayer that can change everything.

Pray the Holy Rosary every day and you will have immense victories. Catholic people lose their battles against evil because they don't pray.

Renounce laziness, lukewarmness, coldness and dryness. Those who pray the Rosary should fear no evil, because the Rosary is the most powerful prayer, created and given by the Mother of God herself.

Whoever believes in this truth has nothing to fear and will overcome everything.

Pray, pray, pray incessantly, because only through prayer can you have the true Flame of Love in your hearts.

My beloved brother Marcos, with your work making this new La Salette film in honor of the Blessed Mother, which you offered for the salvation of souls throughout the world, you have saved 898,000 souls.

And as it is watched more and more and conversions take place, your merits, which you have offered for the salvation of souls, will increase even more.

Yes, yes, beloved brother, works of love have so much power before the Lord. So rejoice and keep doing them and offering them for the souls who need them so much.

You also offered for your father Carlos Tadeu and for some souls you love very much.

Eight million seven hundred and twenty-two thousand (8,722,000) graces now descend on him and 422,000 (four hundred and twenty-two thousand) blessings are now poured out on the people you offered for.

In this way, the Lord and the Blessed Mother transform the merits of your works of love into graces to be poured out on souls and nations.

I, Robert, bless you and everyone here with all My love now and I leave you My peace."


(Most Holy Mary): "As I have already said, wherever one of these holy objects arrives, there I will be alive with My son Robert, pouring out the graces of the Lord.

I bless you all again to be happy and I give you My peace.

Stay in the Lord's peace!"

"I am the Queen and Messenger of Peace! I have come from Heaven to bring peace to you!"

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