Messages to Anne in Mellatz/Goettingen, Germany


Sunday, April 23, 2023

Sunday of the Good Shepherd

How Sad I Am about a Single Sinner Who Does Not Listen to My Words, Who Rejects Them


April 30, 2017 - 2nd Sunday after Easter. The Heavenly Father, after the Holy Tridentine Sacrificial Mass according to Pius V, speaks through His willing, obedient and humble instrument and daughter Anne

We celebrated today, April 30, 2017, the Second Sunday after Easter, with a dignified Tridentine Sacrificial Mass according to Pius V. The altar of sacrifice and also the altar of Mary were once again immersed in a richly decorated sea of flowers. Angels entered and exited during the Holy Sacrificial Mass and adored the Blessed Sacrament in the tabernacle.

Heavenly Father will speak today:

I, the Heavenly Father, speak now and at this moment, through My willing, obedient and humble instrument and daughter Anne, who is completely in My will and repeats only the words that come from Me.

Beloved little flock, beloved followship and beloved pilgrims and believers from near and far. All of you have responded to My call today. I have called you to follow Me, for My sheep know Me. They follow Me and listen to My voice. I have many sheep in My sheepfold. But some are not from Me. They go other ways. They do not realize that I sent My Son Jesus Christ to earth to redeem them. They have become hirelings and do not listen to My voice.

You, My beloved ones, who obey My words, you are My favorites. I want to draw you to Myself and delight in you. You prove to Me through your sacrifices, prayer and atonement that you want to follow Me and love Me. Through you, My beloved ones, I receive great consolation.

But what about the non-believers, whom I also love? Do they follow Me? Do they listen to My words? No, they go other ways, although I love them and although I have redeemed them.

I have wanted to found the new church through My Son Jesus Christ.

Those who follow Me, who hear My words and who obey My words are in the truth. Many pieces of information I have given to My beloved ones in the messages. Still they reject My words. Thus they reject Me, the great God, the Lord of heaven and earth. I love everyone and want to draw everyone to My heart. How sad I am when My words are refuted, when My beloved ones who follow Me are despised and mocked, although they take much upon themselves and it is not too much for them. They prove that they love Me and they are examples for others.

Why do you not realize this, My beloved ones? In what do they harm you? In what do you recognize untruth in them? Again you say, "We have the Bible and that is enough for us." Then, My beloved ones, prove to Me that in My messages there is untruth. Prove to Me a mistake! If you think you are familiar with the Bible, it is not true, because you do not even read the Bible.

You do not read the messages either. You reject My words that I give you, although I prove My love again and again and also give you chances again. How sad I am about a single sinner who does not listen to My words, who rejects them.

How sad is My beloved Mother who asks for each and every sinner and presents these concerns to Me. She worries about every single priest who is not willing to follow My words. How erroneous are some who refute My words again and again. With them, truth has become a lie. They twist My words and then say, "this is the truth, this is what you must follow." In doing so, they pass on the lie. And in doing so, they drag many people astray with them.

Those who are already on the precipice are unfortunately very many. I, the Heavenly Father, want to save them all. If they do not repent, they will fall into the abyss forever. Just one more little push and it is done. This is bitter for your beloved Father. Look how often your dearest Mother pleads at My throne. How often does My Son plead for your love, My beloved priest sons? How often does He give you a word, a love that you do not recognize, that you even reject, yes, that you even make out to be a lie? My Son went to the cross for everyone, even for the criminals. He could not prove a greater love to you. He was innocent and was despised and put on the cross. For all of you He wanted to make this great sacrifice to save you from the eternal underground. And yet, many have fallen for the lie. In the lie is the evil one. He wants to lead you away from the truth. If you recognize the truth, you, My priest sons, turn back. Have the courage to turn back at last.

I, the Heavenly Father, always proclaim the truth to you. This truth lies in the true Holy Sacrificial Eucharist. Why do many priest sons not realize that there can only be this Holy Sacrificial Eucharist in the Tridentine Rite according to Pius V?

The priests who celebrate this sacrificial meal turn to My Son Jesus Christ. This sacrificial meal is a repetition of the sacrifice on the cross. Every priest should become aware of this. Only then can you, My beloved faithful, receive Holy Communion in a dignified manner, kneeling and in oral communion.

Why do you not realize that the meal table means sacrilege? You, My priest sons turn your backs on My Son Jesus Christ, that is, you reject Him, because you do not serve My Son, but the people. Is it therefore erroneous for Me to found a new church?

You must ask yourselves, hirelings, do you still live the Catholic faith and do you still witness the one Holy Sacrificial Eucharist where Jesus Christ can transform Himself in the hands of His priest sons? Or have you chosen Protestantism?

A single priest who celebrates the true sacrificial meal and turns to Me, Jesus Christ, at the sacrificial meal, unites with Me and thereby becomes practically one with Me, the Son of God. This is the greatest mystery that can be found only in the true Catholic Church. Only from the consecrated hands of the priest sons can anyone, as a believing Catholic Christian, receive Holy Communion worthily, because during the consecration the bread is changed into My Body and the wine into My Blood. If every priest would remember this, we would have holy priests and a holy people. I ask you, you faithful who receive Communion at the meal table, "Do you still feel worthy to receive this Holy Sacrament?"

My beloved priest sons, you have been unfaithful to your priesthood. Did you take your priestly ordination at the meal table or at a sacrificial table, as it was intended from eternity? You promised to exercise the priesthood in a worthy manner.

Return to the truth, My beloved priest sons, there is still time, still you can grasp the last straw. I am eagerly waiting for your conversion. Daily I plead for you. How much does My Son plead and how much does your Heavenly Mother plead for your intense conversion? How many tears has your dearest Mother already shed for you?

How sad she is for every single priest who stands at the meal table. This is sacrilege and never corresponds to the truth. I tell you, these meal tables I will smash one day, for they are an abomination to Me. You have made My temple a den of thieves. Everything that happens in modernism certainly does not correspond to the truth. On the contrary, lie upon lie and wickedness upon wickedness. The stubbornness of My beloved priest sons does not stop. They do not recognize My love, which I want to prove to them, because they are My beloved chosen ones, whom I once called. I find their closed hearts, into which I would like to make an entrance in order to prove My love to them. My love is boundless. I will never reject a sinner who repentantly returns to Me.

Come to the Holy Sacrament of Penance, which is to wash you clean with My Holy Blood. Only a drop of the precious Blood is needed for their sinful soul and they are already in sanctifying grace. I am the Eternal Forgiver and bear no grudge against anyone. My love makes everything new again and nothing stands in the way of a new beginning. I draw all to My loving heart.

I now bless you with threefold strength, with all the angels and saints in the Trinity, in the name of the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit, Amen.

You are loved from eternity. Comfort your Heavenly Father, for He wants to prove His love. Prove also you that you truly love Him.