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Wednesday, October 2, 2024

Preparation for the Warning

Message from Virgin Mary of Guadalupe to Latin-American Mystic Lorena on October 31, 2023


I, the Virgin Mary of Guadalupe protect with My Mantle of Stars My Little Remnant this October 31st and My Beloved Son Guards them in His Wounds, all of Heaven declares a Battle Cry against the Hosts of Evil.

Prepare My Soldiers !!!

To face the most Bloody Battle between Good and Evil that has NEVER been experienced before, it is NO longer a time for preparation, it is a Battle Time, get ready your weapons for the Battle that today begins openly against evil, that is why I have asked you all these years for a Spiritual Preparation and to give your FIAT to the Most Holy Trinity but as in the Parable of the Worker, the last ones are still arriving and they will be paid the same wages as those who arrived at dawn and as their preparations have to be arduous and quick, we will only ask you to give your FIAT to the Holy Trinity, Prayer, Fasting and Penance.

Darkness is hovering over the World and the great demonic hierarchies will come to attack ALL Humanity, therefore, keep in WATCH AND PRAYER from today onwards.

A Meteorite is Approaching the Earth That Will Fall on the Sea, Causing Strong Tidal Waves on the Coasts of the Pacific Ocean, Therefore You Are Asked to Pray, to Protect the Integrity of the Inhabitants of the Coasts.

The Demon Asiris, will Come Out of the Sea to Cause Great Natural Disasters and Lead People to the Sins of Perversity and Violence, the People Who Are Far From God Will Turn to the Devil.

People Who Are Far From God Will Become More Perverse and Violent, Therefore You Are Asked Not to Leave Your Homes Without a Protective Armor of Prayers, There Will Be More Violence in the Cities, People Will Not Stop at Any Insinuation or Altercation, the Environment After This October 31st Will Become More Violent.

Therefore, EVERY DAY YOU ARE ASKED TO COVER YOURSELVES WITH THE BLOOD OF MY SON JESUS CHRIST BEFORE LEAVING YOUR HOMES, and you are also asked to take SPIRITUAL COMMUNION EVERY DAY, for this Spiritual Communion will strengthen you in your souls.


The Tribulation will soon expand to the WHOLE GLOBE, THEREFORE PROTECT YOURSELVES EVERY DAY WITH THE PRAYER OF SHEMA ISRAEL AND THE CHAPLET OF THE PRECIOUS BLOOD, I ask you to keep calm and be attentive to the Signs of the Times, the WARNING is at the doors, you are still in time to prepare your Souls for this event.


1) CONFESSION OF LIFE: Recapitulating each stage of your life and your Sins.

2) CONSECRATIONS AND RENEWALS OF YOUR CONSECRATIONS: To My Immaculate Heart and to the Sacred Heart of My Son.

3) HEALING OF YOUR SOULS: Through Healing Prayers. I will give you the Prayer of St. Raphael the Archangel given to Lorena in 2017 to do from now on, every day.




7) PRAYER BEFORE THE BLESSED SACRAMENT: In preparation for this Great Event you are asked to say this Prayer before the Blessed Sacrament:

I ……….. as a Warrior of the Army of St. Michael the Archangel, Captained by the Virgin Mary, I prepare my Soul for the Illumination of Conscience and I surrender it to my God, so that in His Hands, I may face this Illumination of my Soul and before the Presence of my Creator, I may surrender my whole being to Him, so that Renewed in faith, I may be able to see my Soul as God sees it. After seeing my soul as God sees it, I can amend my life and correct my mistakes, giving to the Most Holy Trinity my whole being, fusing my soul and heart to that of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit, so that after this Illumination of Conscience I can be a Living Tabernacle where my Lord Jesus Christ reigns.

Then you will go to the feet of the Cross of My Son and kiss His Feet and donate yourselves as Souls to the Service of Heaven in this bloody battle, it is of VITAL IMPORTANCE TO PREPARE FOR THE ILLUMINATION OF CONSCIENCE BY FOLLOWING THESE STEPS.

I call you to REPENT and turn your eyes to My Son and I ask you that if you have been called as Soldiers to fight for My Son Jesus Christ, to do it WITH ALL YOUR SOUL AND HEART.

I am your Mother.


Prayer to The Most Blessed Sacrament

I believe, my Jesus, that You are truly present in the Most Blessed Sacrament of the Altar. I love You above all things and I desire to receive You into my soul. But since I cannot receive You sacramentally now, come at least spiritually into my heart. And as if I had already received you, I embrace You and unite myself totally to You. Lord, do not allow me ever to depart from You. Amen.

(St. Alphonsus Liguori)

SHEMA ISRAEL – Prayer of Sealing

I, unworthy child of the Father at this End of Time, claim to belong to the Lineage of David, and for being heir to the Kingdom of Heaven, and belonging to the Holy People of Israel, I cry from within My heart the Protection of the Living God and Seal My Mind, Body and Soul, family and relatives and all My belongings at the feet of the Holy Cross of Jesus.

With the Power of His Blood I cover myself from any threat to My physical and spiritual integrity. I claim to be the Father’s child and therefore worthy of all His Protection; I hide myself in the Wounds of the Son, I anoint myself with the Power of the Holy Spirit, and shelter myself in the safest and warmest place in the world, the Womb of My beloved Queen Mother of all Heaven. With the Power that all of Them confer upon Me, I am Sealed and Protected at this End of Time, both I and My descendants and by the bonds of blood all of My family are protected; with this prayer we are all sealed and protected. The Angel of Justice will preserve our homes because as People of God we will be recognized before the DIVINE JUSTICE. We take Refuge in the Righteous Hands of the Father, giving our FIAT to the Holy Trinity, and we will wait Sealed and Protected that the Lion of the Tribe of Judah will come to Judge the Nations. Amen.



I, Saint Raphael, as the Archangel of health and healing, come to pour out countless graces on the people of God and to give this important message to all the Soldiers.

I, as the Archangel of health, need to heal spiritual and mental wounds, both physical and psychological; traumas that throughout your lives have taken root in your souls, as well as diseases that have developed during the gestation time of babies in the womb, both psychological, physical and spiritual.

I need the Soldiers to heal, to be able to advance to the New Heavens and Earths; Remember: it is very important that Soldiers are freed from all ties that enslave them to countless psychological, emotional and physical problems, and therefore spiritual.

You must be attacked at the root, a root that comes from the gestation of the embryo in the womb, since doctors seek to find solutions to diseases through science, when your origin is of a spiritual nature, because many psychological and health problems Mental disorders often go back to the time of gestation of the fetus, which is when the baby in the womb is rejected and diseases develop that manifest later in adult life or in puberty or childhood.

The mother’s rejection of her child, who seeks to find easy solutions to her pregnancy, is one of the causes of psychological problems, because with the fact that the mother only thinks about it, this feeling affects the embryo in gestation, feeling the rejection on the part of its mother that affects its psychological and emotional integrity, because the spiritual bond that unites a mother with her child is very strong.

Hence the importance of having a good pregnancy in all aspects, including the spiritual, which is very important, since it entails a full development of the baby.

Children rejected in their mothers’ wombs are more likely to develop mental, psychological and psycho-affective illnesses when they grow up; even diseases such as cancer can develop if these wounds are not spiritually healed.

As part of this Army we need healthy Soldiers, more than anything spiritually.

Generational curses are spiritually transmitted from generation to generation and can be healed with the power of the Holy Spirit.

As you can see, all this is not easy to understand and here we have to delve a lot into spirituality and psychology.

The behavioral canons of a person are derived from many factors: psychological, sociological, genetic, spiritual, generational and even environmental.

The way people behave is very varied and we do not understand how being brothers and educated with the same moral values and the same education, they are all very different; even twins develop very different and ambiguous behaviors from each other.

This is because from their gestation, they are people with unique and different souls; Hence the spirituality of each person arises that allows each of them to develop their capacities and abilities according to their inheritance, not only genetic but also spiritual, which is different for each soul, since each one comes to meet a specific mission; that is why people develop different skills according to their mission.

Art in the human being is more than anything a spiritual inheritance, so it is a gift from God that is given to each one, according to your mission; it is something so beautiful that scientists do not know that each soul has different capacities and gifts.

That is why for a person to develop his gift, he needs a spiritual anointing at a certain stage of his life with his Creator, and from there art, music, song, dance, writing, oratory, even vocation to marriage, celibacy or vocations to religious life.

The inclination of a young man to a priestly vocation, to a consecrated life or to marriage, comes from the spiritual inheritance that God placed in his soul as a gift from Heaven freely given to men to carry out their mission.

That is why we need each Soldier to get to know himself in intimate contact with God, because it is time for him to develop his mission.

We will start with the most important thing, the healing of the soul, and this will lead us to heal psychological, mental and even physical illnesses.

I, Saint Raphael the Archangel, come to heal and in the name of My Lord, I come to give you the main steps to follow:

You will sit comfortably in the place where you feel comfortable within your own homes, something that brings you a beautiful memory, such as the armchair that was grandfather’s, where you feel accepted and loved.

Remember that we will pray a prayer of healing and liberation from the moment of conception to the moment that you are living; this will help you heal your souls.

Let us begin:

"I am in my mother’s womb, everything is dark, but I feel the warmth of my mother; I nourish myself through the umbilical cord and I feel the timbre of my mother’s voice: she is sad, angry, worried or is attacked; I feel her heartbeat joining mine and there is a spiritual connection between me and her from the moment I was conceived; I hear her voice rumbling and I feel her like an angel.

From this moment I ask Jesus Christ and the Holy Spirit to heal everything that affected me inside the womb, which could have been insults towards my mother, attacks, screams that affected her psychologically and emotionally and therefore spiritually and therefore they affected me, triggering diseases in my mind and soul.

Heal in the name of Jesus all negative thoughts or feelings of rejection of my mother towards me, everything that has influenced me to feel rejected and alone, because I felt the rejection of the only being I knew and trusted and this damaged my heart, unleashing sadness, anxiety and loneliness in me.

This led me to accumulate hatred and resentment without knowing why, since my inclination towards a bad temper and made it difficult for me to comply with the Commandments and Precepts of the Church; Because when I felt the rejection of the only being that I knew and in whom I blindly trusted, I unconsciously claimed it from God, and therefore I feel a spiritual rejection and it is difficult for me to pray, fast and fulfill my tasks and purposes of prayer.

Heal in the name of Jesus Christ every impure act of lust, passion or misguided sexuality that my parents have carried out at the time of my conception and gestation.

All of these acts have affected my emotional sensitivity and sexuality; That is why I like to resort to masturbation, pornography, sexual debauchery and even homosexuality or lesbianism.

This lust on the part of my parents affected my spiritual integrity, sowing in me feelings of masochism, unbridled sexuality and even taking refuge in drugs or alcohol.

I bind, in the name of Jesus Christ, all rejection by my father to my being at the moment of my conception; I free myself from all ties that at the cost of that feeling led me to what, in my childhood, I was an insecure child with learning problems at school.

That lack of acceptance by my father at the time of my conception, led me to develop inappropriate behaviors in my childhood such as: hyperactivity, learning problems or lack of concentration and bad behavior, because within me I felt the rejection of my father and I took refuge in my own ego, being an undisciplined and badly behaved child, or off and lonely, carrying with me ideas of suicide and sadness in my development and psychological maturity, which led me to divorce and marital failure, being a unstable person, because inside me and unconsciously I felt rejected by a father figure, the one who gave stability to my mother, creating in me as I grew up, feelings of anguish and concern, which made a dent in my soul, mind and spirit.

Heal in the name of Jesus Christ, any sin against the spiritual integrity of me and my mother that has been carried out during my pregnancy in the womb, such as reading letters, horoscopes, palmistry, New Age, satanic readings, yoga, reiki, consultation of the stars, Santeria or any ocular rite or activity that damaged my mother’s spirit and mine, leading me to have an aversion to God, because she opened the door to the enemy and therefore, within me body, mind and soul there is a being dissatisfied with life, moody, incapable of loving and forgiving, selfish, arrogant, haughty, because the enemy took possession of my soul, damaging it to such an extent that I am conceited and arrogant.

He planted the seven deadly sins in my soul and therefore it is very difficult for me to understand, accept and love others, because I am selfish and arrogant; therefore, I crave power and prestige even at the expense of others.

I like money, the excessive hunger for acceptance, I am aggressive and compulsive, I do not control my character and therefore I develop both psychological and physical diseases, and even cancer, which affects my integrity as a human being, because my soul has not been liberated from the bonds of the enemy that affect me, being a being closed to the grace of God, concentrating on my ego, making me selfish, petulant and arrogant.

Heal, in the Name of Jesus Christ, every bad influence on my being at the moment of conception and on my development within my mother’s womb.

I declare myself in the Name of Jesus Christ, free from all ties that lead me to act irresponsibly and selfishly with my neighbor and especially with my husband or wife.

Heal in the Name of Jesus Christ, all family rejection towards me by my grandparents, siblings or close relatives that influenced my bad temper, since my mother did not know what to do and transmitted to me that anguish and feelings of rejection on the part of my family, and I felt rejected and unprotected; All this led me to have few friends, to be unfriendly and lonely, not to relate well with my spouse, not to interact affectively with my children, to be selfish and insensitive.

That is why from today I ask for liberation and healing in the name of Jesus, from everything that affected me at the moment of my conception and gestation."

I, Saint Raphael the Archangel, emphasized the moment of conception and gestation, because even if you may not believe it, it is the moment when the spirit and the soul are fully developed, and it is very important to heal wounds that have been carried from gestation that these influence the behavioral canons of the people and this affects and influences so that the spiritual gifts that God gave to each person do not develop well and therefore they do not know what their mission is; That is why I considered it pertinent to heal everything from the moment of conception.

Now we go to the first years of life, where the character and the psychological and mental integrity of the child is formed:

Sitting comfortably, bring to mind every act that marked you in your lives, from newborn to five years of age, whatever you remember: some rejection, psychological or physical abuse, lack of attention, domestic violence. Everything you remember that marked you in your childhood and say:

"In the name of the Slain Lamb and His Blood shed for me, I declare myself free from all bad influence or psychological, emotional or physical abuse towards myself, from a wake-up call that has affected me to verbal, psychological or sexual abuse.

I declare myself in the name of Jesus, free from any disease that has been unleashed in my body, mind and soul and for that circumstance that marked me in my life, and I declare in the name of Jesus, that I am free from all ties and everything that led me to this physical or psychological condition that I have, as well as diseases in my body or in my soul.

In the name of Jesus Christ, I declare that He has healed and freed me from all evil that was the consequence of my childhood traumas."

Now go back to an age of six to twelve years and free yourselves in the name of Jesus Christ from everything that affected your physical, mental, psychological and emotional integrity and that does not allow the Holy Spirit to flow in you, and therefore does not have good communication and effective prayer with the Father.

Let the Holy Spirit flow into you and say:

"I declare myself free in the name of the Blood of Jesus Christ shed for me, from everything that in my childhood affected my psychological, physical, mental and spiritual health and I am free from all ties; therefore, I declare that I am healthy from all physical or spiritual illness in my being."

And so with this prayer that I will give you next, you will heal each stage of your life that you lack, until you reach this moment.

"I, as a child of the Most High, ask for healing in every part of my life in the name of Jesus Christ and by the Blood that He shed for me on the Cross, I declare myself free from all physical, psychological or mental illness.

Above all, I declare spiritual healing in my soul, in order to carry out my mission within my plan of salvation and that of all humanity at this end of time.

I am free to carry out my mission, since free of all psychological, emotional or spiritual ties, I will be able to let the Holy Spirit flow in me, which will give me the necessary strength to fulfill my mission. Through the Archangel Saint Raphael and His powerful intercession and all the power of the Blood of Christ, I declare myself healthy from all evil in my being, free from all ties and ready to carry out my laudable mission. Amen."

Now we go to the generational curses that come from the sin of your ancestors, which were inherited by them; therefore, a very strong and special prayer should be made, so that you are free of body, mind and soul from very strong and heavy chains.

You will put a blessed candle on its altar and a Bible on one side, as well as the image of the Virgin in any invocation; a Cross and the image of Saint Benedict.

Sitting comfortably, you will pray to the Father declaring liberation in this way:

"I, as the favorite child of the Most High and heir to the future Kingdom of Peace of Jesus Christ on earth, I need to carry out my mission, free myself from the generational curses that weigh on me. That is why I ask my Lord Jesus Christ to come to my aid and with His power and the power of His Glorious Resurrection, dress my soul with His grace and make me free from all ties of sin and abomination of my ancestors that weigh on my soul and spirit.

I declare myself in the name of Jesus Christ, healthy and free from all generational curses by the Blood of the Slain Lamb that cleanses me, defeats and unties all the chains that oppress my soul and in the name of Christ Jesus I untie all the generational curses that weigh on my mind, body and soul. Free from all ties, I declare myself a person ready to carry out my mission that has been entrusted to me at this end of time.

I declare that I am free to choose and I choose from this day forward to fight as a warrior of God, trained and ready for battle, ready to give my life for my Lord Jesus Christ.

Being free from all ties and curses, I give my Fiat to the Holy Trinity and to my Mother in Heaven, letting the Holy Spirit flow in me from now on and fill me with its strength and power, giving me the necessary tools to carry out my mission.

As a child of the Most High I declare myself ready for everything that comes and in the name of the Blood of the Slain Lamb I am free from all evil. Amen."

After being healed in body, mind, soul and spirit, you will give thanks to God at the next Mass you attend; In this Mass, at the moment of Consecration, give your life to the Most High and offer all that you are to your beloved Father God.

Offer yourselves whole to Him and you will see that everything is easier.

I, Saint Raphael the Archangel, as the Archangel of health, have given you the tools for your healings; carry out all that I told you and you will heal and be free to carry out your mission.



I, as a Soldier belonging to the Army of St. Michael the Archangel, directed by Him and being led by the Virgin Mary, give in this my final preparation before going to the Illumination of Consciousness, my FIAT to the Most Holy Trinity, I bow before the Cross of Christ and I surrender to Him my Life, Projects and ALL that I am so that He may Guide me and it is not I but He who lives in me. I surrender to God the Father ALL that I am so that He may take care of me and free me from all evil, and I surrender to the Holy Spirit so that He may fill me with His Power, through the intercession of the Most Holy Trinity, I renew and carry out my Salvific Mission in this End Times. Amen.


As an Apostle of the End Times and a Warrior of the Army of the Mother of Heaven, I want from now on in the Blessed Sacrament to give my Second FIAT to the Most Holy Trinity, giving ALL of my being, so that he may take it and make of it what he wills, so that the Holy Trinity covers me with His Magnificence and prepares me for my Final Mission. Amen.


I, (name), as a child of the Most High, come to give my Third Fiat before the Most Holy Trinity; and with a Pure and Childlike Heart, I give Him ALL my being so that He may take it and do with it what He wills. I surrender to Him ALL my Will and ALL that I Possess so that it is no longer I who live, but Jesus Christ Who Lives in me; and thus, annihilating myself before the Most Holy Trinity, I clothe myself with the Power of the Holy Spirit, so that I may carry out my Praiseworthy Mission in these End Times. Amen.

Consecration to the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Consecration to the Immaculate Heart of the Virgin Mary

Chaplet of the Precious Blood of Jesus



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